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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Advertising


      Search engine advertising (keyword marketing) is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand online, through which you can increase brand awareness and drive sales, and this effectively drives traffic to your website and find new customers. Using the right keywords, search engine marketing can get potential customers to search your site first and attract a large number of target customers to achieve more conversions.

Our professional advertising team offers a wide range of packages, depending on the nature of the client’s business and needs, to ensure that the selected keywords are comprehensive coverage and can effectively target the right customer segment, thus increasing the hit rate of your customer base and achieving a significant return on investment (ROI).

The covered search engines include Google, Yahoo, Baidu and other different platforms.


Google Display Network(GDN)


Our Google Display Ads portfolio of over a million pages, including video media and mobile apps, is the largest number of syndicated media available for advertising, allowing customers’ ads to be shown on this syndication network. Through the Google Display Ads Network, clients’ ads are automatically matched to the appropriate ad platform.

Our professional team also selects different filters to target customer segments, such as gender, region, interest, platform type, etc. Combined with Re-Marketing Program, we can track who have visited our customer’s website, increasing the chance of hitting the customer segment and achieving a significant ROI.